Friday, January 29, 2010

The end!

Well, this week has ended finally! it was a long one, that is for sure. Had to be at a doctor's office or a hospital EVERYDAY this week except for today. Either my sister, or myself had a follow up, procedure, or a consultation
IN the process I lost my car keys, my glove, and my cell phone. All of which have been recovered, and my biopsy came back benign. So the ending of the week is good, but I am tired!I would rather be sewing!!.
  I did manage to cut out about 30 different kinds of aprons in between all that, can not wait to get them completed and posted on my etsy shop.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank Goodness Tomorrow is Friday!

Hello Friends and Family!

The end of another week tomorrow. Where does all the time go in a day? I woke up every day with good intentions of getting a great deal done but what happened?!*** The below image tells it all! LOL

This is one of my favorite sayings and embroidery designs. If you like it too,  just visit my etsy shop and request a custom order item with it on it!
I can embroider and sew anything! I love it on my cozy warm sweatshirt!

I am still learning how to navigate this blog spot thing, so maybe this will end up being a permanent button somewhere in a column sidebar some day!

I could go on and on with my favorite sayings, I collect them.

Well it's nearing midnight and this night owl needs to give a hoot and get some sleep!

Talk to you later!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Learning Curve

Hello again!

I am learning a great deal about user friendly sites or not! I have been trying real hard with the help of a sister to get this blog up and running... I never knew just how difficult the age of technology can be! Each day we devote some time, well a lot of time to figuring out web graphics, downloads, freebies that aren't, etc. Some day this site will look better, meanwhile, we'll just call it the learning curve!

I have been busy taking pictures of all my arts and crafts to list on my etsy shop  or just click on my link to the right column and visit my shop! I accept custom orders too! Keep checking back for my new items as I load them daily to the website.

All for now!


Monday, January 11, 2010

My Etsy SHop


I am so excited to announce the opening of My Etsy Shop. Go to and search for stitchesnstuff10 in the sellers search under handmade items. Everything featured is my own creation. I am ever so busy with custom orders and branching out now into the world of web selling! Look for my newest assemblages soon! Updated weekly.

I look forward to your feedback!