Monday, July 26, 2010

A gift for a princess

I visited with my daughter on Friday, and she showed me what my younger daughter had sent to her, for a gift for her new baby. It is extraordinary, and such a perfect gift!  
It is of a princess walking with a Lion. The garland under the picture, also made by Kimberly, says Princess. The colors are exactly perfect for the newborn's nursery! Kathy, the mom was given a prophesy concerning this little baby. That she would be a worshiper in the house of the Lord.
Kimberly, the Aunt is one of the worship leaders at her church. She sent this in a letter, that she had wanted to have framed with the painting, but it was not possible.  "Oh my dearest Lydia, I have prayed for you, That you would walk with the Lion. Who is deep in Love with you."
This just tugs at my heart, and blesses me so much! I love my daughters! They are such women of Faith. I know this little one will be raised in a good and loving home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

After the phone call

Well, Friday was a day to beat all days! After my husband called to inform me of the accident, I waited all day to find out how things really were. Hubby had a rough day, but certainly not as rough as it could have been. Everyone survived the accident. The driver of the motor home was the most injured, having a broken ankle, a broken arm,some broken ribs and a laseration an the back of the head where a television fell down and and hit him. Things cold have been much, much worst. I marvel at the out come considering the way the Motor home looks and the way my husband tractor trailer looks.
In the motorhome there were two families traveling together. Grandpa was driving when the tire blew. I think there were four teenagers, parents and grandma and grandpa. 
   This is the motorhome, There certainly were angels watching out for this family and my husband! They were heading home to Texas from their vacation.  The company flew my husband home, I collected him at the airport at around midnight. The boss and another driver are driving down to Tennessee to collect the tractor, and yet another driver retieved the trailer and is on his way to deliver the load. There was only slight damage to the trailer, and the load did not spill at all. The driver first down there went to the accident scene, and told my husband that he must have been airborn at one time! All I can say is thank you Lord!     

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bog hopping/Rest in Peace

Last weekend, I was doing some blog hopping, and twice, on two different blogs I came across the words "rest in peace" Now we all know what the words mean at first glance. Someone heart has been torn out by the loss of someone close, and are doing their best to let go and move on. There is always a heart wrenching story behind those words every time you see them, and my heart always breaks a little for those who are walking threw those stories in real life.
However, those words resonated in my head, and I could not get them out. Were they a warning, a call to pray, or just a word from God to remind me to rest in His peace? Turns out, it is all three. I am an intercessor in the Lords church, and I have trained my ear to be aware of when God is trying to speak, but that is not the case all the time, sometimes I miss that small still voice.
This week my son was facing surgery on his back, my sister was buying a new car, going to Chicago,and still dealing with complications with kidney stones and pain left over from her car accident over the forth of July weekend. I also had to drive her down to my parents summer home for some business she was transacting with them. This I was concerned about, because I do not like to drive at night. The head light glare really blinds me, and we live in a heavy white tail deer populated area. My husband drives over the road, and was heading to Mississippi.
  So I really needed to be in prayer. My son came through his surgery just fine. My sister got her car. Right now she is sitting at the airport waiting for her flight to board. My trip down to my parents, went well, I almost hit a family of racoons, but I saw them in enough time to brake. There was a deer standing by the side of the road, and she behaved herself and stayed right where she was and watched me pass. But my husband, his tractor was totalled this morning!
  He was traveling on interstate 40 down in Tennesee,and was in the passing lane, going by a motor home, pulling a jeep. The motor home blew a tire on the drivers side and the driver lost control. Husband tried to take evasive action, but the motor home collided with him and pushed him across the median and across the two lanes of on coming traffic, into the wooded hillside on the opposite side of the road. My husband is all right, just shook up a bit. He beleives the driver of the motor home was injured. Troopers were trying to figure out how they were going to get the truck out of where it landed the last time I spoke with my husband.
  I am so thankful that I listen to the Lords voice and was praying. There was no on coming traffic when the accident occured. As near as anyone knows injuries are not life threatening, my husband was shook up, but not injured, and his load did not spill out all over the place. His trucking company may not be very pleased right now,but this is why insurance is required.
  So I guess we are all required to pray, and to rest in the Lord. Storms come, but we need to pray, and rest in peace.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meet Sully

I finally got a good picture of "Sully" so I thought I would share him. "Sully" is really, really big! I made him for my grandson as a Christmas gift. Placing him outside the door to the apartment, we pretended that he knocked on the door, and had Lanny open the door to see who was there. To this day, he still can't figure out out how he knocked on the door. Being the beautiful, smart, intelligent grandson that he is, I know he will figure it out someday.
  I so wanted Landen to have  him for Christmas. I had given him the Movie "Monsters Inc" when we were at his home for Thanksgiving. He had been watching it non-stop, and particularity liked Sully, but I liked the the idea of a three legged monster. My "Sully" is a little over four feet tall. He came into being Christmas eve, I was up until 3:30 completing him. (those blanket stitches around his mouth were added at that time of the morning!

  My husband posted a picture of him on facebook and my son who is in Germany got a little mad, because his little boy did not get one. The only reason was I could not figure out how to mail a four foot Monster! I do have another one cut out and ready to go. Jonathon will receive it when they get back stateside, hopefully in October
  I used furry fleece for the arms and legs, Purple minky for the body, green polar fleece for the horns, cuffs, and a leg ruffles. Socks with toes in them for the "ears" regular socks for the feet, and a pair of children s stretchy gloves for its hands, and felt for the eyes and nose. I had fun making him, and he was well received, even by Landen's parents. My daughter was a bit afraid of the space a four foot monster would take up!

Pink Birdy Pinata

In between the business of life, I have had a number of embroidery orders and a couple of custom orders. I thought I would share with you the adorable pinata I made for a little girls birthday party. Her Mom wanted to match the little bird on the invitations that had been sent. Pink and green were the chosen colors.
   I first took the graphic and put it under an opaque projector  and projected it on the wall, magnifying it until I thought it was big enough. I traced around the projected image onto poster board, then cut that image out and again traced another one on a different sheet of poster board. Next I cut and taped two strips of poster board together to make the center of the pinata. I then measured a half inch on both sides of this piece, and took the scissors and slashed the edges every half inch all the way down both sides of this strip. Then the process was to cut a gazillion pieces of masking tape. (you place these around the edge of your work space, so it will be an easier go of it when you begin to tape items together) I maneuvered the cardboard strip all round the edges of the bird shapes, folding in the slashed edge of the strip. It also helped to score the edges,with a bone used for scrap booking, to make it easier to fold the cardboard. As I maneuvered the cardboard I taped the slashed edges on the inside, and the outside with the small pieces of masking tape. It was a real challenge to do the second peice, but I seemed to have managed. Next I cut strips of white art paper and slashed those on both sides, and glued it over the outside masking tape, to help hide the dark color of the tape, and to reinforce the edges.
  Now the fun started! I cut pieces of pink tissue paper and glued them all over the outside of the bird. I really did not like how it looked, so I cut the complete bird shape out of the tissue paper four times and glued two to each side. This gave it a more finished look, but the small pieces added strength, so it all worked. After this, I cut many strips of pink crepe paper, doubling the length for as many pieces that I needed. I estimated the length of each piece, saved a little bit of time, but not much, because after I cut the crepe paper, I then hand gathered each piece, by hand sewing running stitches along the length of each piece! Then I made two wings in the same manner. Made two cloth cover eyes, gathered some feathers, and a gift wrap thing that I purchased at, I believe, Target. I just love how it came out.
I taught myself how to make those roses that are so popular at the moment, only I used the crepe paper instead. The roses and a few feathers I glued to the top of the birds head.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last weekend

Well the time had come to give my nephew, a proud member of  the United States Marine Corp, a farewell, before deployment to Afghanistan. We are so not looking forward to this period of time. My heart is breaking for my sister. My own son has seen two tours in Iraq, and I know it is not an easy time, knowing your son is in emanate danger at any given time.
  Joey was planning his leave time to see everyone who mattered to him. My sister bought a plane ticket for her daughter to fly up and see him in Maryland. I guess all his siblings and high school friends sent him off in style.
  Then the plan was for his Mom to have a BBQ so we all could see him and to meet his lovely fiance'
It was a really nice family gathering. My sister worked very hard on it. That cake has to be one of the most expensive in the world.   Val forgot some ingredients for the cake and went back to her apartment to collect them. On her way back to my house, one of her front tires blew out from the inside out, causing her to total her car. It was so awful! But I told her to focus on the positive, that she was still breathing, I convinced her to go to the hospital to get checked out, she did not want to, she was so concerned about the party plans. I told her never mind about that, that my husband and I would help her get it together, but the most important thing at the moment was to make sure she was ok. So five hours later, we brought her back to my house with all the makings for the party and spent until 10:30 PM making the preparations. She so wanted to do this for her son. I must say our efforts were a success, everyone had a good time, and Joey got to connect with some relatives he had not seen in years. It was all good in the end. Joey spent the rest of the week with his fiance's family and went to Darian Lake amusement park. He got home by Thursday when he had to report to base. I just heard from my sister that he leaves tonight. I can hardly believe it. I thought he would have a little more time than this. He is pumped, and he knows he has been well trained. A little fear is good. Keep your head down Joey we all love you here and want you to come home. We will all cover you in our prayers. My son says prayer is the most powerful of all weapons, he has had first hand experience with that!

To continue!

The next weekend, was suppose to be a nice relaxing time, spending it with my daughter who was near the end of her pregnancy. We spent the day out Garage saleing, and had a really really good time. Did not find too much. Kathy was excited about some books she had found . Her son, who is five, became fascinated with a Fisher Price school house. So we purchased those at our first stop. Found a nice bookcase for a song. The next one we found a Kitchen play set that my Grandson just adored; he loves to pretend to be a chef. So of course into the back of my car went the kitchen! Kathy found one baby item that was on her list to get, a tummy time mat. But that was about it. We had dinner, and I left for home, living about an hour away.
   My husband got home from the road while I was out, so we went out for an ice cream. When we returned home Kathy had left a few messages on our cell phones. When we called her back, it seems the end of her pregnancy was REALLY  close! She could not get her husband to answer his phone at work, and she was panicking. I told her she needed to call a friend, or an ambulance, and find someone to care for her son, and we would try and get there as fast as we could.

Well, her friend got her to the hospital and she was caring for Landen in the waiting room when we arrived. Baby Lydia arrived a little after midnight on June 27.It was a really special moment in time, to see the whole family together 20 minutes after she was born, and to have her in my arms. No one was more surprised about it than Grandpa! He could not believe she was in his arms, it was the last thing he had expected at the the end of a long week on the road!
 After all was said and done, it was a most blessed time. We are so in love with our new little grand-daughter!
We went up and saw her again last weekend. They are all back home and settled in to their new routines.

To busy to be hot!

Ok, so my last post was about how busy things have been around here, this one is about the same. I left off with the wedding shower of my nephew.
The wedding was June 19th. This is my neice, the grooms sister,  a very beautiful person. Inside and out. Do not know the groomsman, he is one of my nephews friends.

Here comes the bride! She is one of the most beautiful looking girls. She could play "Barbie" on the big screen! The ceremony was beautiful.
The reception was really nice. The Bride's favorite color is pink, so the reception was all done up in pink. The Brides Grandmother did all the flower arrangements, there was a cute candy buffet, the food was delish. The disc jockey was good. My step Mom danced and sang along with a Lady Ga-Ga song (I told her, she has gone to way too many weddings,but, she sure impressed all the grandchildren! She also loved doing all the line dances, and she is in her eighties!)
  There was a lovely wedding cake, which I might add the Bride and Groom did not mash into each others faces. It was a lovely time.

This is myself and my brothers and sisters, Mother of the groom is in the middle. My youngest sister could not make it to the wedding.