Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi eveyone, I was just blog skipping and  was on inspire company inspire company just a few minutes ago. She asked for help in spreading the word about her free giveaway. She has such a cute doll project she would like to share with everyone. Amy Powers Open Sky Shop

OWOH To Sir With Love Giveaway Winner Is...

Good Morning!

The OWOH event was so magical , ahhh what a magic carpet ride it was! And now the moment you have been waiting for... the winner is: #956 - Delightful Whimsy @ http://favoritethings.typepad.com/delightful_whimsy/

Please contact me soon to claim your adorable teddy bear. Thank you to all who entered my giveaway and visited my blog! Let's stay in touch!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Doll Dress!

 I have spent the last THREE days making a doll dress for an American Girl Doll. Holy smokes, was it harder than I thought it was going to be! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every moment of creating it , even the moments when I was completely stumped as to how to proceed.
The object was to recreate a dress from a story about Addy. The only picture I had to go by was of the top half of the dress. so, the back and the bottom were totally up to me. So, I researched dresses from the civil war era, went through my collection of porcelain doll dress patterns that I bought at a yard sale, and searched the internet for patterns that would help me in my creation. Could have saved myself some dollars if I had listened to my heart, and didn't buy into my insecurities of my abilities. I learned a lot over the last few days. First being that I can actually draft a pattern!  Pin tucks are bit of a challenge, and the mail does not move as fast as I would like it to. There are an awful lot of places that sell fabric on line. (I needed a shiny cotton Fabric, in the color burgundy). So I booked marked a lot of fabric sites, my Husband is going to be so pleased with that one. He does not like book marks, and I am a bit of a fabricaholic. LOL
 So here are the pics of my creation, albeit they are on my daughter's seventeen year old American Girl doll, Gosh has it been that long ago? Anyway... I am pleased with her, and yes, I made the hat also!
So this is now complete, and I can move on to the next challenge. Anyone ever make a nursing nightie??????????? Vanessa

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Such a busy weekend!

I just joined a great swap, here's the link join in the fun! Alice In Wonderland!

I am so excited about it. Just click on the link and join in the fun!!!!

I will be back later to post more, just had to get this up. Sew busy filling custom orders for my ETSY shop and designing my apron line, I'll be opening a new shop soon just for them. This One World One Heart event has been so much fun and I am meeting some wonderful people/bloggers and crafters from all over the world! I really am so glad I joined in the fun. Tomorrow is the deadline to sponsor a giveaway but you have until the 14th to enter and win! Be sure to see my post on it and comment to win!

Friday, February 5, 2010

To Sir With Love One Heart One World GIVEAWAY!!!

Well it's the end of another week and the weekend starts tomorrow!

I am so excited about this GIVEAWAY for my blog visitors. Meet To Sir With Love! He is my giveaway to a randomly selected visitor who leaves a comment to my post! Please visit the One World One Heart ( click on the image in the right column) and register your blog and/or giveaway today! Drawing on February 15th, 2010. Be sure to leave your comments to be included in the drawing! You MUST leave a comment here on my blog to be entered in my drawing with a link or email back to you so I can notify MY lucky winner the 16th of February (drawing takes place after midnight February 15th!
Adorable Teddy Bear To Sir With Love has a plush head, and holds his heart for you.His adorable Plaid body is holding a handmade stuffed red heart adorned with pink and white silk flowers.To Sir is 10 inches tall and can hardly wait to be tucked in your loved one's arm!

 Here is the actual link to One World One Heart to add as a gadget on your blog spot and I have mine up in the column to the right as well for future visitors! I just found out about this site through a blog I was visiting today and am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! excited to find a place to network and meet other bloggers, craters, entrepreneurs and such. I am sure this will be quite a MAGIC CARPET RIDE!  I just started actively blogging and stepped out of my comfort zone to learn the technology to even set up a blog. It's been a REAL LEARNING CURVE! LOL!!!!  I would love to have your HELP!!!, comments, and feedback . Look forward to hearing from you soon and check back on the 15th of February to see if you have won To Sir With Love!                                                                                                                                                                         

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Water Dish

Hi everyone! I have a VERY frustrating problem, can anyone help me with it????????????? I have this cat you see, he claimed me, not I him, he just appeared in my yard this past summer and has not left. He is a specialist. Knows how to get under your skin, and On your last nerve!
He is very, very talented too. Loves it when my phone rings, and the PRINTER, well, one has to see it to believe it!
When I start to print something he comes flying out of no where, and  attacks the machine, then he sits on top of it as if to read the paper as it is coming out. It is really cute, but only after you let go of your frustration of everything else flying every which way in his fury to get to the machine!
BUT, His new trick is really making me mad! His new trick is he pushes the dog's water dish, and makes the water slosh back and forth, until it spills out of the top. He sits there and watches it and then does it again and again. When he gets it empty enough he uses it as a hockey puck and sloshes water everywhere! When it is all over the floor, he amuses himself by watching the streams of water running across the floor! If he were the only critter in the house, the solution would be to put the water dish down when he wants a drink. BUT! He is the new member of the family, he only thinks he rules the roost, I have two older cats that are very set in their ways, and I have a very patient 12 year old yellow Labrador,and they are All  used to having everything right there for them! How can I stop this little up start from playing with the water! If  the water dish is dry, my Lab sits there and sulks, until I put more water in the dish, so it starts all over again! Woe is me!