Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I just finished these!

I have a customer that comes to me every time there is a new baby at the church she attends. She brings in a baby blanket to have the new one's name and birth date embroidered in the corner. This time there are three new ones at the church. I always do the same design for her, the boys get feet, on a blue blanket, and the girls get hands on a pink blanket. These were all boys this time.
 I think this is such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

I gift for Valrie

It is celebration time! One year to the day that my sister was found in her apartment barely breathing, and rushed to the hospital, she has recovered and is now back into an apartment of her own! She has over come a lot in the last year. It would sound like a soap opera if I laid out all that has happened to her. But rest assured, the events were very real! Valrie was being released from the rehab center in central Florida with no place to go.  The powers that be at the nursing home said they were going to take her to a homeless shelter.
  I could not let that happen, so I flew her up to New York to stay with me. I admire her a lot. Hopefully her recuperation, has given her enough strength to live the rest of her life, happy and healthy.
 To keep her on the right track, and to give her a hope for her future, I made this assemblage for her. I pray that it gives her great joy and comfort, and that she has a right to a beautiful future.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where oh Where did all my time go???????!

wow! it has been such a very long time since I sat down to post on my blog. Most of the time, I feel there is not much to write about, but then again other times it is so busy around here that there is very little time to just sit and write.
Lets see when my computer crashed, which seems to be the last time I posted. my world was sent into a tail spin. Everything is almost back to normal with my business.( which reminds me, I have to send my old security devices back to my embroidery machine company.) Up grading outdated computer stuff is not only confusing, but really, really expensive! 
  I love my new embroidery software program, there is a bit of a learning curve, which in the last four weeks I seem to have accomplished it. Downloading designs from the internet gives me a challenge, I do not think they have gone to the same place twice!LOL I am not to crazy about windows seven. Some areas are good, other areas are completely frustrating! I will get there someday! Everything has turned out all right in the end.
 My nieces baby shower came and went. It was a lovely shower given by her younger sister and her mom. An underwater theme is being used for the nursery. My niece is a bit old fashion, and is waiting until delivery to find out what the baby is going to be. I think that is so sweet.!
   Next came my own daughter's baby shower! She is a huge planner, and needed to know as soon as she could, what her baby is going to be! we are going to be grandparents to a little girl. This baby shower was given by close friends of my daughter's at her church. They are a lovely bunch of women and so love my daughter and her family. They provided her with many lovely gifts.
 I was very busy with my embroidery work, but so wanted to give something special to my daughter. I had bought a little rocking horse at a yard sale two years ago, it had been sitting on my front porch waiting for the right moment. I had a marathon getting it painted and ready for the shower!  The boxes on the horse are filed with 1. little headbands and barrettes and a little bonnet,2. All kinds of shoes and little booties, 3. A box of 9oz avent bottles (are they expensive or what?!) 4. A pretty baby blanket that I embroidered the baby's name on. The basket underneath is filled with all sorts of aveeno baby products, which my daughter adores.  I also gave her a laundry basket full of little outfits, blankets, bath towels,washcloths, onesies, bibs, burpcloths,and a swimsuit, because every girl needs a swim suit! That was not all! I found this absolutely adorable dress and little cuddle bunny! I again embroidered the bunny with the baby's name. Also included in her gifts was the car seat that she had wanted.Plus my sister who has been living with me for a while wanted to make her a daiper cake, so I helped with that also. It was an incredible undertaking, but it was accomplished!
   This is what her cake looked liked