Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everything is going to be all right

Does any one remember this? It is what was going through my head ALL last week! When my computer died, just about everything else connected to it went with it, because when you have to buy a new computer, and new software, you have to buy a new scanner and a new printer also! Needless to say, last week was expensive! But...I am back in business! Now I can feel more comfortable in taking on orders, there is not the feeling of when is the computer going to die. Any way this funny little  blue thing kept going through my brain . I must admit I have a pretty warped sense of humor,but sometimes it is humor that is all you have! This kept me together for the most part, except when the cat threw up all over my new key board, and my new software manual (he just had breakfast and water) and also when I could not get the security device to work! but EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT! Vanessa

Monday, April 19, 2010

Before the computer crashed!

Saturday I was planning to do a post about my wedding anniversary. I had stated that last week was very busy. We had taken a day, and went to see my husbands parents. They live about two hours away. Dad is not doing very well, he aged considerably this winter. It is so difficult to see. They both are outdoorsey people who love to hike, canoe, and bird watch. Dad is using a walker now, and Mom is well into Altzheimers disease. I heard her tell me the same story over and over again for about an hour, while my husband and his Dad were having some time together. It is so sad. But, we made the most of it, took them out for lunch, visited the past by veiwing some old pictures, and chatted for a little bit, and said our good-byes. Dad was very thankful we had come. He shared with us that he is doing a lot of things that are new to him (like buying underwire bras for Mom, he had noticed that one had broken a wire, and she was still wearing it) We never know all the  circumstances we find ouselves in as we grow older. He had a very funny story about the sales clerk whan she asked him what size, and he sort of cupped his hand and said about this big. To funny, but also so sad. He said if you do not laugh at the situations you fine yourselves in, then you would probably end up crying, at which he did, start to cry. How he and Mom love each other!
 My husband and I celebrated our anniversary the next day. It was a nice comfortable kind of celebration. Hubby bought me some dishes I admired at Marshells we went out to Five Guys for a burger and fries, then we went to see "How to Train Your Dragon". Very cute movie. I want to try and add a picture of my dishes, but not sure I can. This is a new computer and I am not used to it yet, so bare with me.
 Just added the pictures! Oh how simple!!! You should have seen what I had to go through with my old one to get pictures loaded! This was sooooooooooooooo easy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Petite Inspiration boxes in return

I have received all three of my swap boxes for this really good swap, hosted by Heather at The Speckled Egg. I just adore her swaps, she does a really nice job of them! Sharon, Beth and Linda were my partners.This is Sharon's box.
  This is Beth's box

I give up! The yellow box is Beth's. I can not seem to get the pictures to go where I want them to go. Some day I will learn, but not today, I am to frustrated. Sorry. Editing isn't helping the problem, so I have to go with the flow!

This  is Linda's box.

  I so enjoyed myself making my boxes for my partners and I love everything they have sent in return. Thank you so much for your wonderful work ladies! Vanessa

What a busy week!

I got my petite inspiration boxes out to the mail. I do hope my partners all loved them as much as I loved making them! I had a color combination in mind, and it was a lot harder to pull it off than I thought, but in the end, I think I came close.
 I have heard from two of my partners and they LOVED THEM! Yeah!
  I had a big embroidery order that needed to be completed ASAP, but still have not heard from my customer. I love it when he rushes me, and then never comes to pick up! At least they are done now.
  Hubbie took the week off from work because he had some medical things to take care of. I had to be with him as a driver.Isn't getting older fun??? Doctors always want to poke you someplace!
  I am making this adorable garter for a wedding, a special surprise for the groom. I am having a learning curve with shrinky-dink. Having never used it before, it has turned into a bit of a challenge. But I think I got the hang of it now, after my first attempt.LOL Will post pictures when I get it all finished. Hope to get it done tonight.
 In the midst of all of this, I am truly trying to get a handle on organizing all my craft stuff and getting the best way possible to store it.  I think I am in a losing battle. I have already spent a small fortune on plastic storage containers, and filled them up! I bought some hooks, and I am going to hang some things from the ceiling in my sewing room. I think I have a year of organizing.
 What precipitated this mass clean up? My youngest brother called and asked if I would please teach his little girl to sew. She is eleven. So I would love to teach her, but I have no place for her to sleep over. They live about four hours away. So wish me luck!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss Rhea's Easter Basket swap

A few weeks ago, I joined in an Easter basket swap. The idea was to make an Easter basket using a small yogurt container, and then filling it with five things to bless our partners with. I had a lot of  fun making my baskets, but it was hard to limit myself to just five things, sorry for breaking the rules! I have been waiting excitedly to make this posting! I received two really nice baskets in return , and have enjoyed them also!above are my baskets and the items I made to put into them , then below is Michelle's , then Sherry"s.
I am sorry about the sad pictures of my partners baskets, I was really busy running an Embroidery order, on my embroidery machine, and that is where I usually set up to take pictures! Instead, I used my washing machine, and no backdrop. But I do appreciate each one's basket so much!