Saturday, March 27, 2010

What am I thinking?

I am enjoying everyones comments on the post below. I sure want to bless someone, wish it could be everyone. I have some bunnies, but it is probably to late for anyone to purchase one for Easter now. I am going to picture them, and if anyone would like to buy a set, the price is $28.00 + shipping, leave a comment, and I will list it in my etsy shop tomorrow so you can make the purchase.

  It has been a very difficult week for me. I have been trying to help my sister get back on her feet, after a very nasty divorce, a severe back injury (her x tried to run her over with his suv, and left her on the side of the road) the loss of her job, all her worldly possessions, her apartment,and nearly her life.
   She came to live with me last July. The police found her in her apartment "barely breathing". After convincing them to "break and enter"( She was in Florida, we are in New York).  She spent three weeks in a hospital in Florida, and another three in a rehabilitation center to gain back strength and weight.
   I flew her to New York, July 4th and she has been with me since then. She only weighted about 95lbs and could barely walk by herself. At that point I did not know what I could possibly do for her, except to give her a place where she could feel safe, loved and valued.
  We got her some medical insurance and began the process of getting her healed physically. I am happy to say she is mending well. She is almost like herself. She has been so wounded, and is just now opening up to people and is beginning to trust more. I am proud of her! Blog land has been good therapy for her, many of you have visited her blog and have left many encouraging comments for her, I thank you so much!
 No one knows, the extent to which another person can harm another. It is my prayer that she will continue over coming and will be able to live on her own again, To be gainfully employed. She is very brilliant and has a heart of gold. She loves to teach, and she is very good at it. Please join me and pray for her to be all God has created her to be, and to take back EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from her, because she fell in love with the wrong man.
This week she has been very busy getting her life back on track, she is getting legal aid, is applying for jobs, and is visiting my brother this weekend, to buy her own car. This scares me, a bit because I do not know if she is ready, but I support her, and I do so want her to succeed.
 Not sure if she is going to appreciate me posting this, but I wanted to congratulate her on her accomplishments and to tell her not to worry about my stress, because it has been worth every ounce of it, to see her today. My embroidery orders will get done, she is more important. God is good, all the time. Vanessa


Neky White said...

Your Bunnies are so lovely!! I hope your sister get better of her problems soon and you have all the strength needed to help her.


julietk said...

I wish i had little ones to buy unnies for but I don't they are all grown up now.
I wish your sister all good things she has been treated terribly, she is lucky to have a wonderful sisiter to help her back on her feet.Bless you Happy Easter.

Valrie said...


Because of YOU I live! You are the best sister and friend I could ever have and will forever be in your debt!

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey big Sis! That was a nice post and again I want to thank you for letting me help in getting Sis2 rolling again, she has had fun finding a car and I am glad to help her find one that will serve her well and fits with her budget, wish we could have gotten it for next to nothing but then you get what you pay for.
Sis is doing good being behind the wheel of a car, not Dukes of Hazzard good but good.This step of purchasing a car for herself has put some more confidence back in her step and has helped to lift her spirits, I too am concerned for her but we hoping to get her a GPS for her to yell at once in a while,( ha ha ).
I like your blog it is very nice I will do my best to promote it.
Thank you for being my Sister and helping our sis out in her time of need she really does love and respect you very much as do I.
with love Little Brother.

omashee aka Barb said...

Hi Vanessa, You are such a good sister. Wish I ahd one like you! I'll be praying for your sister that she will find happiness and strength.
Love your bunnies! You left a comment on my blog asking if you could use the blessing in my banner. Please do!
Happy Easter

retdairyqueen said...

How can one person do that to another
My very best wishes to her and she is lucky to have your support

A Cottage Industry said...

Such adorable bunnies!!!!!! Hope your sister is better soon.

Valrie said...

You are my sunshine and I have given you the Sunshine Blog Award!

I love you Vanessa! Please go to youyr email and add it to your beautiful blog!!!!!