Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I gift for Valrie

It is celebration time! One year to the day that my sister was found in her apartment barely breathing, and rushed to the hospital, she has recovered and is now back into an apartment of her own! She has over come a lot in the last year. It would sound like a soap opera if I laid out all that has happened to her. But rest assured, the events were very real! Valrie was being released from the rehab center in central Florida with no place to go.  The powers that be at the nursing home said they were going to take her to a homeless shelter.
  I could not let that happen, so I flew her up to New York to stay with me. I admire her a lot. Hopefully her recuperation, has given her enough strength to live the rest of her life, happy and healthy.
 To keep her on the right track, and to give her a hope for her future, I made this assemblage for her. I pray that it gives her great joy and comfort, and that she has a right to a beautiful future.

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Valrie said...


I miss ypou. I love the assemblage and it is on my door already. I miss Carmel too. I wish he would come back. I do believe he just might have been another angel of mercy, like you, to help me recover. Having so much fun setting up the new digs and can;t wait to go out thrifting with you again. Thanks for all your love and support and faith in me!

I love you. You are my sis' but most of all you are my best friend!