Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Family Reunion Time

There are some things in life that you just have to attend. The family reunion is one of them. My husband's youngest brother and his wife decided that it was time once again to try and get his family. Mom and Dad are getting older and not sure how much longer they will dwell with us here on earth.

None of my children were able to attend this time. I wish so much that they were there.It seems as though most of this generation were missing. My oldest is in Germany, my youngest is in the Pacific Northwest, and my middle just had a baby. All good excuses, but, again,  I so wish  they were there. Hubbies older sister was there with her hubby, and her oldest daughter, with her two daughters. Her youngest was on a cruise in Alaska. I think we were all a little envious of her! The middle brother of my husbands family was there with his wife, but their children were also missing in action. The oldest starting a college teaching job, after just getting back from a very exciting research trip to Peru, and the youngest, just starting her new job in Manhattan as a researcher on malaria and other such bug carrying diseases,after just graduating from Cornell. All of the youngest brothers children were there. It was so wonderful to get to know them a little better. They too will soon be scattered for a while, with the youngest leaving for an extended stay in New Zealand, and one of the oldest getting ready to be stationed in Germany with the Air Force. The two middle boys are employed at the fathers plumbing business and are quite successful, one just becoming a father,and the other one looking forward to his marriage in November. An interesting story is wrapped up in these sons: there are three born in the same year! Two are the natural sons of my husbands youngest brother, who were born ten and a half months apart in the same year, and the third is his adopted son, who was also born in the same year. He remarried and adopted his wife's boy. It is such a touching story. This is truly a wonderful family.
My husbands sister in law cooked and cooked and then cooked some more! We had such a great time, relaxing and talking and getting to know each other again. All of them worked together like a well oiled machine and made the rest of us feel so welcomed. Thank you so much Linda and Brian!

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Sherrie said...

I stopped over from your sister's blog. She was telling me about your bags and bags of yo-yo's. I was showing some of mine that I made and joking around that I have millions of these over the years. That is when she mentioned yours. I do enjoy making them and would love to see yours thanks.