Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am a terrible blogger!

I know, I say this all the time, wonder if I will ever change? The last six months have been very difficult, and it has been hard to sit down here and post something.
I did manage to get this swap item done. It of course was very late in getting out, but I did complete it, so that was a real miracle!

The swap was hosted my Amy Powers of Inspireco. she is such a wonderful person. We were to take a Tim Holts' compartment shadow box and decorate for our partner with their colors and likes. Haven't heard whether my partner liked it or not. What are ya gonna do? I was late in getting it to her. This took me forever to make, but when I was able to work on it, it was a lot of fun.
The theme for the swap was Happy Birthday. My partner loves jewel tone colors, her favorite color is blue, she loves fairies, gypsies, and dragons.
 My husband took the pictures for me, and I discovered after I mailed the box, that he never took a picture of the birthday cake centerpiece square. Boo-hoo, you can see some od it in the pictures but I have no up close one of it.
I had a lot of fun "shopping" for this piece. Going through my boxes and drawers of stuff, and then going to my favorite places to hunt for things. It took forever to find the dragon, which was found way down on the bottom shelf, hidden behind some stuff in the local Goodwill store. I brought it home and glittered it up. I was going to make a soft sculpted one, but I think my partner would never had received it If I went ahead and made that! I was so pleased that I found it when I did! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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