Saturday, March 17, 2012

our "Little One"

the rest of her pads are all pink

Back in August, between the two big weather events here in upstate NY, there appeared on our back porch this teeny tiny ball of black and white fur. She was hiding in a corner, out of our reach., and she mewed all day long. "Great!" I said to myself, "just what I need, is another cat!" We just had to put our beloved yellow Lab to sleep, and we were not to keen on getting any more pets. We called the SPCA and were told we had to get her to come to us, before they would "take"her. Well you know how those things open up the door(heart) just a little, and they move right on in!
  So A week before Valentine's Day I began hearing another cat out side, so we figured it was time to get Little one fixed, before we ended up with a whole herd of cats. So an appointment was made, and down to the vets she went. We tried really hard not to name her, because we so did not want to keep her. We were calling her the Litttle One as opposed to the big one

Her visit to the Vet proved to be traumatic.....for me! Little one is the smartest kitty I have ever had! She is very, very cleaver and causes a whole lot of mischief! She had the "glue licked off of herself and her incision opened up the very next day, so it was another trip down to the vet. They re glued her shut and put a collar on her and told me to keep her confined to her carrier. joy.

She was out of her collar before I even got her home. I kept her in the carrier long enough for her to realize a routine in getting her back into the thing, after she ate and took care of herself. but she opened herself back up again. I had, had it with this vet that did the operation, so, I took her to our long time vet this time. She was cleaned up and examined, given a big shot of antibiotics, powdered, and sent back home. She (our regular vet) said she should be confined, but the carrier was a bit to small, and the bathroom would be the better place for her. I was assured that she was healing, and to redo the surgery to fix her would be to much for poor kitty. She will have a permanent dimple on her tummy.

She is all better now, and going about her usual antics, not that the surgery slowed her down any.

I woke up to this mess after I was told she could have a bit more freedom. She got into a cabinet and hauled three new rolls of toilet paper out and shredded them, because one just was not enough! As I said, she is a very cleaver kitty. I think she has adhd. I had to rubberband the handles on the cabinet to keep her out of it! I also have to hide my medicine bottles, because she picks them up and runs off with them and I have a hard time finding them in the morning when I have to take them. She is such a rascal!
 So now Little One has a place to call home, because after all this, how can I even think about giving her away?
I think I learned a lesson, just not sure yet what it is!LOL We tried to save a few dollars by taking her to a clinic that was offering a reduced price for" fixing" your kitty. Be alarmed when this is taking place on Valentines day, when you are told to drop kitty off before 8 in the morning,( because they were expecting a lot of kitties), when you walk back in to retrieve said kitty and there a carriers on top of carriers on top of carriers packed so tightly in the waiting area there is no room to move, and the smell, the smell is so unbelievable you can't stand it, and those duck crossing signs, they have placed above the counter, they are for real, because that duck, that duck is going to cross! It was reported that they did over one hundred and thirty cats that day! Valentines Day will never be the same for me again........


Kathryn said...

Mom, that cat is CRAZY! I can't believe she did that to the toilet paper! CRAZY!

Kathryn said...

Mom, that cat is CRAZY! I can't believe she did that to the toilet paper! CRAZY!

Georgie Horn said...

I'm in love with our little kitty too! Come by for a giveaway....