Sunday, June 16, 2013

From My Father -in-Law

This is the message Dad sent to all of us this week end. My husbands nephew mentions it in the post below. Thank you Dad for sharing your memories.

As we approach Fathers Day, the memories, that I as a father have, are wonderful. The time that I spent with my children, feed my “memory well” with happiness.  Ice fishing on Canadarago Lake and the St. Lawrence River, School concerts and events, going off into the woods at camp for an overnight (remember the big animal that snuck up on us), hiking back into the Jessep River that was at least 200 miles in and catching all those brook trout, ask Caroline the best place to find fish worms, going on a number  of 200+ miles canoe trips with my sons,  and the time spent RV camping with my daughter after she became a grandmother. There are many other events that flash through my mind during the course of the weeks.
    Those of you that are raising children and those of you that are about to have children, or my have some in the future, will have a great opportunity in your life to establish your own “memory well” by spending quality time with your children, the quality depends on you. Do it now, as your children will get too busy  with their lives, to be involved with yours.

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