Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, a new week

Very, Very sad today.I have a huge problem, and no idea how to solve it. I need legal help, and have no idea even how to hire a lawyer. My heart is breaking into a million pieces, the more I try to pick those pieces up and put them back together, the more they break and fall from my hand. I so need a bonified miracle. When will it end, an how far will it go? The more I try to help, the harder life gets. I do not understand how those you are suppose to trust, are the exact ones who take complete advantage of you, and wound you so badly that you almost die from the hurt.Forgive? I must first stop the bleeding.
 But the bad decisions of one have the remarkable awful consequences for so many. I know my faith is strong, but the questions just keep coming, and the pain is so great, that tears just can not flow. There is no outlet for the rage of emotions that are running through my heart. WHY?WHY? WHY? I am really trying not to hate, but it is becoming dangerously close to the feeling. Please Lord God help my heart, and help all who are involved with the situation. I ask Dear Lord for your perfect peace and direction. Only you Lord can make things right. Give me a clear path to take Lord, and guide me through this very dark place. Please Dear Lord turn all this pain into joy.

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Wendy said...

So sorry that you are going through such a rough patch at the moment...I will be lifting you up in prayer that God will give you peace, wisdom and strength for the journey...and remember you are not alone as God is always with His may feel alone, but God is there with you even during this darkest time that you are going through...may God give you restful sleep as you lay your head to rest each night...sending a cyber hug to you...