Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Doll Dress!

 I have spent the last THREE days making a doll dress for an American Girl Doll. Holy smokes, was it harder than I thought it was going to be! Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every moment of creating it , even the moments when I was completely stumped as to how to proceed.
The object was to recreate a dress from a story about Addy. The only picture I had to go by was of the top half of the dress. so, the back and the bottom were totally up to me. So, I researched dresses from the civil war era, went through my collection of porcelain doll dress patterns that I bought at a yard sale, and searched the internet for patterns that would help me in my creation. Could have saved myself some dollars if I had listened to my heart, and didn't buy into my insecurities of my abilities. I learned a lot over the last few days. First being that I can actually draft a pattern!  Pin tucks are bit of a challenge, and the mail does not move as fast as I would like it to. There are an awful lot of places that sell fabric on line. (I needed a shiny cotton Fabric, in the color burgundy). So I booked marked a lot of fabric sites, my Husband is going to be so pleased with that one. He does not like book marks, and I am a bit of a fabricaholic. LOL
 So here are the pics of my creation, albeit they are on my daughter's seventeen year old American Girl doll, Gosh has it been that long ago? Anyway... I am pleased with her, and yes, I made the hat also!
So this is now complete, and I can move on to the next challenge. Anyone ever make a nursing nightie??????????? Vanessa

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