Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Water Dish

Hi everyone! I have a VERY frustrating problem, can anyone help me with it????????????? I have this cat you see, he claimed me, not I him, he just appeared in my yard this past summer and has not left. He is a specialist. Knows how to get under your skin, and On your last nerve!
He is very, very talented too. Loves it when my phone rings, and the PRINTER, well, one has to see it to believe it!
When I start to print something he comes flying out of no where, and  attacks the machine, then he sits on top of it as if to read the paper as it is coming out. It is really cute, but only after you let go of your frustration of everything else flying every which way in his fury to get to the machine!
BUT, His new trick is really making me mad! His new trick is he pushes the dog's water dish, and makes the water slosh back and forth, until it spills out of the top. He sits there and watches it and then does it again and again. When he gets it empty enough he uses it as a hockey puck and sloshes water everywhere! When it is all over the floor, he amuses himself by watching the streams of water running across the floor! If he were the only critter in the house, the solution would be to put the water dish down when he wants a drink. BUT! He is the new member of the family, he only thinks he rules the roost, I have two older cats that are very set in their ways, and I have a very patient 12 year old yellow Labrador,and they are All  used to having everything right there for them! How can I stop this little up start from playing with the water! If  the water dish is dry, my Lab sits there and sulks, until I put more water in the dish, so it starts all over again! Woe is me!


Kathy said...

Have you tried those dish holders? The kind where the bowl sits down in a hole. They are usually made out of wood. Or perhaps, you could put something very heavy under the bowl, attached to it so it can't be moved. Maybe put the water in a cast iron dish that the cat can't move!!! There has got to be a way to outsmart the little devil!!!! I am so glad that you allowed him into your home. Even little rascals need to be loved!!!

Bee said...

Vanessa I dont know if you can get the 'non spill' water bowls that we have in the uk. Basically the water is stored in the base of the bowl and then there is a filter on top of it which only allows a small amount of water at a time into the upper chamber of the bowl, as your lab laps the water more will keep coming coming through for him but it is supposed to be spill proof. My son has one as his beagle kept picking the half full bowl up and throwing it in the air - so far he has only managed to spill a few drops with this bowl. Good luck.

Laurie said...

Good luck with that! You already got a couple of good suggestions.

Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway! I hope you'll be back again soon!

Firefly Hill said...

He sounds so cute and full of personality! Maybe put the dish on a small towel so he cannot move it around?