Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everything is going to be all right

Does any one remember this? It is what was going through my head ALL last week! When my computer died, just about everything else connected to it went with it, because when you have to buy a new computer, and new software, you have to buy a new scanner and a new printer also! Needless to say, last week was expensive! But...I am back in business! Now I can feel more comfortable in taking on orders, there is not the feeling of when is the computer going to die. Any way this funny little  blue thing kept going through my brain . I must admit I have a pretty warped sense of humor,but sometimes it is humor that is all you have! This kept me together for the most part, except when the cat threw up all over my new key board, and my new software manual (he just had breakfast and water) and also when I could not get the security device to work! but EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT! Vanessa

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Valrie said...


Yes everything did turn out all right! Perseverance and you only lose if you quit and give up on what is most important! Here's to a better week for us both!