Saturday, October 2, 2010

my little witch

I am not into Halloween, and witches, and dead and all that rides along with it. I can go into a very log explanation as to why,but I am sure most of you would not want to here it. Has to do with good and evil. Who is on the Lords side and all that.
   But the imagination, fairy tales,fantasy, folk lore I enjoy. This little bear, I found on a shelf in a local thrift store. She sat there all dusty and tattered. One of my swap partners said that she loved Halloween that it was her favorite holiday to decorate for. I was looking for something to include in her box. I picked the little bear up, she was only a dollar. I had this little debate with myself, you know," should I" or" shouldn't I". I thought, wouldn't she look adorable with new cloths, and she is such a perfect little size,and she is so cute,even if she is a witch. The "I should" won out. She came home with me.
  I went through my fabric stash and found the perfect satin purple with moons and stars on it, then I pulled some black satin from my boxes, and then some black organza. I was not sure if I had any black lace, but I must have picked some up at a yard sale some where.
   I carefully removed her dusty and torn cloths. Gave her a good bath. Turned her old clothes inside out and traced around them, making new patterns for her new set of clothes.  I carefully placed my patterns onto my fabric scraps, cut them out. Sat down at my sewing machine and did a little sewing. I then gathered up the little bear and  all my little sewing notions and the machine stitched pieces, and headed up to my television room turned the TV on and sat and stitched the hems of the dress, made the little apron out of lace, stitched the brim of the hat to the cone shaped piece I made for the hat. Gathered some organza and some sheer ribbon and embellished the little hat. Put some fiber fill into the hat. I sat it on her little head, and I was satisfied with my efforts. I took the little dress and slipped it over the head of the bear, and shaped it around her little body a stitch there, a fold here,and a gather around her waist. stitched her little lace apron on over her dress, then I took her new little cape turned the collar over and gathered it around her shoulders. Took some fancy beaded trim and added some ties to her cape. Made three tiny tiny black organza roses and glued them at her neck. Got my glue gun and took the little hat and glued it to her head, at an angle to give her a bit of an attitude, plus I wanted her to show off one of her little ears, she is a bear after all!
   set her up on my table and admired her for the rest of the evening. I am happy that she is going to a nice home.

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