Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meet Sully

I finally got a good picture of "Sully" so I thought I would share him. "Sully" is really, really big! I made him for my grandson as a Christmas gift. Placing him outside the door to the apartment, we pretended that he knocked on the door, and had Lanny open the door to see who was there. To this day, he still can't figure out out how he knocked on the door. Being the beautiful, smart, intelligent grandson that he is, I know he will figure it out someday.
  I so wanted Landen to have  him for Christmas. I had given him the Movie "Monsters Inc" when we were at his home for Thanksgiving. He had been watching it non-stop, and particularity liked Sully, but I liked the the idea of a three legged monster. My "Sully" is a little over four feet tall. He came into being Christmas eve, I was up until 3:30 completing him. (those blanket stitches around his mouth were added at that time of the morning!

  My husband posted a picture of him on facebook and my son who is in Germany got a little mad, because his little boy did not get one. The only reason was I could not figure out how to mail a four foot Monster! I do have another one cut out and ready to go. Jonathon will receive it when they get back stateside, hopefully in October
  I used furry fleece for the arms and legs, Purple minky for the body, green polar fleece for the horns, cuffs, and a leg ruffles. Socks with toes in them for the "ears" regular socks for the feet, and a pair of children s stretchy gloves for its hands, and felt for the eyes and nose. I had fun making him, and he was well received, even by Landen's parents. My daughter was a bit afraid of the space a four foot monster would take up!

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allsewnup said...

Sully is so cute. No wonder your other grandson wants one!