Saturday, July 10, 2010

To continue!

The next weekend, was suppose to be a nice relaxing time, spending it with my daughter who was near the end of her pregnancy. We spent the day out Garage saleing, and had a really really good time. Did not find too much. Kathy was excited about some books she had found . Her son, who is five, became fascinated with a Fisher Price school house. So we purchased those at our first stop. Found a nice bookcase for a song. The next one we found a Kitchen play set that my Grandson just adored; he loves to pretend to be a chef. So of course into the back of my car went the kitchen! Kathy found one baby item that was on her list to get, a tummy time mat. But that was about it. We had dinner, and I left for home, living about an hour away.
   My husband got home from the road while I was out, so we went out for an ice cream. When we returned home Kathy had left a few messages on our cell phones. When we called her back, it seems the end of her pregnancy was REALLY  close! She could not get her husband to answer his phone at work, and she was panicking. I told her she needed to call a friend, or an ambulance, and find someone to care for her son, and we would try and get there as fast as we could.

Well, her friend got her to the hospital and she was caring for Landen in the waiting room when we arrived. Baby Lydia arrived a little after midnight on June 27.It was a really special moment in time, to see the whole family together 20 minutes after she was born, and to have her in my arms. No one was more surprised about it than Grandpa! He could not believe she was in his arms, it was the last thing he had expected at the the end of a long week on the road!
 After all was said and done, it was a most blessed time. We are so in love with our new little grand-daughter!
We went up and saw her again last weekend. They are all back home and settled in to their new routines.

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