Saturday, July 10, 2010

To busy to be hot!

Ok, so my last post was about how busy things have been around here, this one is about the same. I left off with the wedding shower of my nephew.
The wedding was June 19th. This is my neice, the grooms sister,  a very beautiful person. Inside and out. Do not know the groomsman, he is one of my nephews friends.

Here comes the bride! She is one of the most beautiful looking girls. She could play "Barbie" on the big screen! The ceremony was beautiful.
The reception was really nice. The Bride's favorite color is pink, so the reception was all done up in pink. The Brides Grandmother did all the flower arrangements, there was a cute candy buffet, the food was delish. The disc jockey was good. My step Mom danced and sang along with a Lady Ga-Ga song (I told her, she has gone to way too many weddings,but, she sure impressed all the grandchildren! She also loved doing all the line dances, and she is in her eighties!)
  There was a lovely wedding cake, which I might add the Bride and Groom did not mash into each others faces. It was a lovely time.

This is myself and my brothers and sisters, Mother of the groom is in the middle. My youngest sister could not make it to the wedding.

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