Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last weekend

Well the time had come to give my nephew, a proud member of  the United States Marine Corp, a farewell, before deployment to Afghanistan. We are so not looking forward to this period of time. My heart is breaking for my sister. My own son has seen two tours in Iraq, and I know it is not an easy time, knowing your son is in emanate danger at any given time.
  Joey was planning his leave time to see everyone who mattered to him. My sister bought a plane ticket for her daughter to fly up and see him in Maryland. I guess all his siblings and high school friends sent him off in style.
  Then the plan was for his Mom to have a BBQ so we all could see him and to meet his lovely fiance'
It was a really nice family gathering. My sister worked very hard on it. That cake has to be one of the most expensive in the world.   Val forgot some ingredients for the cake and went back to her apartment to collect them. On her way back to my house, one of her front tires blew out from the inside out, causing her to total her car. It was so awful! But I told her to focus on the positive, that she was still breathing, I convinced her to go to the hospital to get checked out, she did not want to, she was so concerned about the party plans. I told her never mind about that, that my husband and I would help her get it together, but the most important thing at the moment was to make sure she was ok. So five hours later, we brought her back to my house with all the makings for the party and spent until 10:30 PM making the preparations. She so wanted to do this for her son. I must say our efforts were a success, everyone had a good time, and Joey got to connect with some relatives he had not seen in years. It was all good in the end. Joey spent the rest of the week with his fiance's family and went to Darian Lake amusement park. He got home by Thursday when he had to report to base. I just heard from my sister that he leaves tonight. I can hardly believe it. I thought he would have a little more time than this. He is pumped, and he knows he has been well trained. A little fear is good. Keep your head down Joey we all love you here and want you to come home. We will all cover you in our prayers. My son says prayer is the most powerful of all weapons, he has had first hand experience with that!

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