Sunday, July 25, 2010

After the phone call

Well, Friday was a day to beat all days! After my husband called to inform me of the accident, I waited all day to find out how things really were. Hubby had a rough day, but certainly not as rough as it could have been. Everyone survived the accident. The driver of the motor home was the most injured, having a broken ankle, a broken arm,some broken ribs and a laseration an the back of the head where a television fell down and and hit him. Things cold have been much, much worst. I marvel at the out come considering the way the Motor home looks and the way my husband tractor trailer looks.
In the motorhome there were two families traveling together. Grandpa was driving when the tire blew. I think there were four teenagers, parents and grandma and grandpa. 
   This is the motorhome, There certainly were angels watching out for this family and my husband! They were heading home to Texas from their vacation.  The company flew my husband home, I collected him at the airport at around midnight. The boss and another driver are driving down to Tennessee to collect the tractor, and yet another driver retieved the trailer and is on his way to deliver the load. There was only slight damage to the trailer, and the load did not spill at all. The driver first down there went to the accident scene, and told my husband that he must have been airborn at one time! All I can say is thank you Lord!     

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Needled Mom said...

Amazing!!! Thank heavens no one was more seriously injured. There certainly was an angel riding shotgun.