Monday, December 13, 2010

Matchbox #'s 12 and 13, plus my Christmas swap box

Well the weekend certainly got away from me! I get so engrossed in doing something, the time just flies by! Sometimes I even forget to eat. I did not get my post up for Matchbox # 12 because of this, so sorry. This box comes from Sarah. She used such lovely paper for this box, it is so pretty. The gift inside is a little tag made from the same paper stamped with a gold Christmas tree. Thank you Sarah.
   Box #13 comes from Anne from A Shabby Life. This is so pretty, and just what I need more of today. J O Y.

 Inside the box is a little altered scrabble tile pin, with a Santa Clause graphic. So cute! Thank You Anne.
Mrs. Rudolf, isn't she adorable?

my filled up tea cup

stuff I included in my box, all up cycled, remade, or just created by myself!

some edible gifties, and some things for the table top. Aren't those reindeer candles adorable?

some more little things

a ribbon brooch that I had made, I think I have over three hundred of these, waiting for their pin backs to be sewn on, I just love making them, and it is not an exaggeration on the amount that I have to complete

So now for what has been occupying my hours. I so love to create things, and I have so many ideas popping around in my head. Even when I narrow it down to a theme, I still get so many ideas! This is for a Cup of Joy swap over at Vivians blog. I signed up for this at the last minute, because I didn 't have any thing to do. Then all of a sudden, I got several orders all at once. So I am going to post this, go to the post office, and then get back home at have at it some more!


Michelle said...

Than you Vanessa for our Box #16. We just L.O.V.E. it!

Michelle & Ashley

Erica said...

Your creations are adorable!!!! Do you ever sell any? I'd love to buy a handful of your little mice I've been seeing in others' matchboxes.

Sarah said...

Hi there! I'm glad you liked your #12 matchbox, I sure had fun making it! I received your #24, thank you! I just LOVE the little mouse, did you make it? Happy New Year!

Regina said...

Ohhhh love everything about this post. Such great work...I love boxes...boxes of all kinds and shapes. I'm in a box mode here lately..LOL!!!