Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Projects #4.5,and 6 ........... or the good ,the bad and the UGLY!

I have been having myself quite the time! that is for sure. Here is project #4. I so love her and hated to give her up. but, I can make another one right? This is for a little girl in California. Hope you like her too!

Project # 5. This has completely undone me. All my plans for Christmas Day evaporated with the arrival of these two boxes, with a note inside, return ASAP, need by Christmas. Who does this to someone a week before Christmas????????? I wanted to scream something very bad at the owners of this sporting goods store, but instead I imagined all the faces of the parents and the little ones who wanted their soccer jersey for Christmas. Sure hope all MY pain and Agony, was worth it to them! That is all I can say. 102 patches sewen on the front of each and everyone of these jerseys. I am beyond words at the moment.

So after I get these done, one last project for the day. Project #6. The UGLY! What do you say to a guy (toothless and three sheets to the wind) who comes to your door so pleased with himself that he has found the perfect gift for that someone special in his life, and you are his answer to his idea?  Here he is, as big as day, holding tightly onto a ginormous bag, and he says to me, Can you make pajama pants?
Well when you have a sign out in front of your home that says custom sewing and mending, what can you say? So he opens this bag, and inside is a heavy fleece blanket, with two wolves heads on it, howling at the moon.  I think j o y . I said I could do it, what size do you want? I want it to fit a 38-42 waist, and be 30" long at the inseam. I say, well, I am going to need another blanket, that one does not give me enough fabric. No problem! There is another one at the store, just like this one! I'll be back tomorrow with it. j o y. But he was so HAPPY that I was willing to do this for him.  I asked my husband  if he knew a so and so? He said yes, and I explained to him the request, he goes, I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY. But this guy was so very happy! Hope he will be tomorrow when he comes by to pick them up. I still have to make a pair of slipper socks out of the scraps, but the pattern I bought to make them will not work with the heaviness of the blanket material. To   bad,    so    sad.

I sure hope that who ever it is that receives these, will not wear them out of the house! Beleive me, my photos do not do them justice, if there is any justice to be had.
  Tomorrow I will catch up on my matchbox swap, as my embroidery orders run on the machine. Maybe I can even post a picture of the to be chef's outfit for my Grandson.

 Is Christmas over yet?

2 comments: said...

Hi Vanessa, I am just out visiting and I ran into your blog. Great projects, all of them.

come visit

Regina said... were one busy lil elf..LOL!!

I love the little girl I'm sure loved her even more.

You did the right thing about the patches...although like you I would like to have given a V8 slap to the person that waited until the last minute.

I can't really tell about the PJ pants but I know that they turned out awesome and whom ever he gave them to I'm sure feel in love with them.

You are very talented and I so enjoy looking at all of your work.