Wednesday, December 8, 2010

matchbox #8, and one more item finished and sent on its way!

Today's matchbox comes from Valery Anne Williams, her blog is Mrs. A  This box is so nice,I love it! When I was a little girl, some kids came to my parents house selling little handmade Christmas tags made out of old greeting cards. My Mom bought a few bags from them. I so adored these little cards, I think that was when I was bitten by the crafting bug, and  I've been infected ever sense!. Ever since I have collected and saved old greeting cards. Anyway. this little matchbox looks like Valery was dipping into her stash of old greeting cards to make this box so special.. So love the charm of this little matchbox. Inside the box is a little red stocking covered with tiny beads.

 Today I finished the embroidery on this jacket. It is for sporting goods store I have worked for, for years. I their customer likes it.


Christine Edwards said...

What a cute box from Valery, and oh-so-sweet stocking. That jacket is fantastic, I'm sure the customer will be more than happy.

Thank you for my Mouse box today. Those mice are so incredible...I'm thrilled I received one. Hope you're having fun with the swap.

Mrs A. said...

So glad you like the box Vanessa and I am really pleased that I got your no.3 box. Yes I have to admit to being a horder. Hubby knows now to check with me before he throws anything anyway.(Just rescued an old road atlas he was going to ditch!!)

Valrie said...

Beautiful 'Ness