Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Matchbox#7 and a poor little reindeer

Todays box comes from Kim at " blackberrycrowsprims'. So very special! I love it lots. Inside the box is very pretty charm hung on a green ribbon.

  I have a lot of projects going on at the moment. It is amazing to me how I can go from being bored one day, and the next I am spinning like a top. It is so much fun owning ones own business!
I am putting together a little somthin' somethin' for a swap box that I am doing. One of the things I am recreating is this poor sad little reindeer. When I bought it, it was sitting on the floor in this secondhand shop, all dusty and forgotten. It reminded me of some reindeer my Aunt Helen used to have displayed at Christmas time. Of course us children were never allowed to touch. Her reindeer were made of red velvet with the cutest of all faces on them. How I loved them so! This one however, was pinned all over with common pins stuck through a plastic bead. So I removed the pins and the beads ( that is the bag of them next to the deer),and low and behold. this little deer was made of the same red velvet! I have tried to recreate a pattern for, so can can make myself some of these little deer, but I am not sure how successful I am going to be. I thought I was going to just take the beads off, wash them up, and reattach them to the deer. I am not going to do that now.Tthe velvet was pretty sun faded and damaged from the pin holes,so I am going to paint it with the metallic paint and then I am going to cover it with some glitter, and then find a way to redress it. I am also going to do something to the eyes, like add eyelashes, and probably paint them a new color. I will  Post pictures of her when she is all beautified!

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huntedtreasures said...

I finally found you, YES, YES!!! I love the little mouse and can not imagine how you create your tallent, then I looked at your blog, there isn't nothing I do not see that I did not like, I am a new follower and will follow you to the end of this world. Thank you, Thank you.

Bless your heart,

Maria & Ruth