Thursday, December 9, 2010

Matchbox #9

Today's box come from DeniseMarie. If I ever had to choose a favorite box,from amongst the 25 I have received, this one would be it! I just love it to pieces! The graphics used are just wonderful, and it speaks to my heart. Inside the box is a tiny angel lapel pin. Thank you so much !
  I see from visiting her blog, that she also has one of my boxes, can not wait for her to open it!


huntedtreasures said...

This is sooooo cute, love all your boxes you have received.

Happy Holidays,

Maria & Ruth

Angela said...

Awww this one is so sweet! I had a really hard time finding nativity themed items for my matchbox. Have a merry Christmas!
P.S. Your matchbox is #11 on my blog today. Thanks so much!